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Abbattimento +3°C, LIFE Coldline

Blast chilling

Quickly cools raw or freshly cooked food to +3°C, stops bacterial growth, increases fridge life by 70% while maintaining the quality.

Surgelazione -40°C, LIFE Coldline

Deep freezing

Quickly cools raw or freshly cooked food down to temperatures as low as -40°C . All foods retain their original nutrients as their fibres are not damaged.

Scongelamento, LIFE Coldline


Defrosts food quickly and entirely safely, keeping the original quality without any risk to health.

Lievitazione, LIFE Coldline


Creates the ideal microclimate for perfect proving, encouraging the optimal development of air pockets inside the dough. The cycle can be run immediately or programmed.

Conservazione, LIFE Coldline


Keeps food at the desired temperature in the -40°C to + 45°C range, with fan speeds that can be adjusted from 25% to 100%.

Raffreddamento bottiglie, LIFE Coldline

Bottle Chilling

Quickly chills your wine, beer and beverages to the desired temperature.

Cristalliazzazione cioccolato, LIFE Coldline


Allows you to make chocolates of all shapes and sizes using the crystallisation and “pop-out” cycles.

Yogurt, LIFE Coldline


Allows you to make creamy natural yogurt using just good-quality milk.